How wonderful it
is that nobody
need wait a
single moment
before starting
to improve the

Anne Frank
Welcome to the online home of Dorcas Medical Mission (Dorcas Medical ). We would like to thank you for taking the time
to learn about our organisation and the work we are doing. Dorcas Medical was established in 2000 to provide medical,
surgical, dental and vision care to sick and indigent persons around the globe. We are a dedicated group of approximately
500 medical, surgical, dental and missionary volunteers who use personal vacation time each year to travel to our mission
fields. Since inception, we have rendered health care services to over twelve thousand needy persons on each mission
and we accomplish this using only 2% of donated money for overhead costs.  That means 98% of your donations go
directly to the missions.
Dorcas Medical Mission, Inc.
907 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203
Telephone: 718-342-2928
Fax: 718-342-5721
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October 18-27, 2013, Dorcas Medical will be visiting
Ethiopia for its second medical mission of the year.
We are  requesting over the counter medicine,
medical supplies and monetary donations.  If you
would like to join us, sponsor a missionary or make
a donation, please contact our office at
Upcoming Events
Thank you for your support of the Latifa surgical
project. The successful removal of the Cystic
Hygroma would not have been possible without
your generous support. Please click "
Stories" for more information on Latifa's treatment.