Dorcas Medical Mission is a faith-based, non-profit organization that seeks to alleviate suffering in
the developing world through the provision of free medical care in 1-week missions. In the majority
of cases, these missions also include distribution of food and clothing to needy persons. Dorcas
intentionally targets communities that exist below the poverty line and all goods and services are
provided free of cost. All services to the mission are currently from unpaid volunteers.

Dorcas strives to meet the spiritual, medical, physical, emotional/ psychological social and economic
needs of individuals worldwide, regardless of color, race or creed. Our purpose is the promotion of
health and well-being and the prevention of disease among the economically disadvantaged, using
a holistic approach to the delivery of health care in a community setting.  Humility remains a
hallmark of the mission and professional service is rendered in an atmosphere that emphasizes
love, care and respect for the inherent dignity of each individual.

Established in 2000, Dorcas was born out of the fact that its President, Reverend Lorna Mullings,
RN, felt the call to do medical missions as her service to humanity. Along with her husband, Bishop
Dr. Sidley R.  Mullings, she started the mission by assembling 5 nurses and 3 doctors, all personal
friends. She used her first 2 paychecks to purchase medication for the first mission to Jamaica,
West Indies. From this humble beginning, Dorcas has grown to the point where we have carried out
19 missions in 10 countries. Over 115,000 persons have been served in Africa, the Caribbean and
South America. The volunteer network now number in excess of 400 and includes, Physicians and
Surgeons, Dentists and Dental Hygienists, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Ophthalmologists,  
Podiatrists, Pharmacists and Ancillary Professionals. These professionals   have been drawn from
some 20 countries. At least 90% of volunteers are of African descent, tracing their heritage mainly
from the Caribbean.