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Dorcas Medical Mission, Inc.
907 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203
Telephone: 718-342-2928
Fax: 718-342-5721
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How You Can Help
With your help, we can provide the poor and disenfranchised throughout the world with quality health care which will forever
change their lives.  Dorcas Medical renders services to over twelve thousand needy persons on each mission, and accomplishes this
using only 2% of donated money for overhead costs. That means 98% of your donations go directly to the missions.  

Ways to Give

1. ONLINE GIVING: You can help support Dorcas Medical Missions by clicking on the PAYPAL DONATE button below and
follow the instructions at the web site.

Paypal provides a secure way to make an online donation to Dorcas Medical

2. MAIL-IN: CLICK here to get a form you can print, fill out, and mail with your check to the following address:

Dorcas Medical Mission, Inc.
907 Utica Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11203

3. Medication: Kindly mail or drop off over the counter medication at the above address:

4. Other Gifting Options for the following items:

Gifts of Bequests
Gifts of Honor and Memory
Gifts-In-Kind, Quality Excess Inventory
Stock Contribution

5.  Gifts of appropriate clothing for men, women and children. Clothing may be dropped at our office at the above address.

6.  Does your company have a matching gift program? If so, you can increase the benefit of your donation by completing the
appropriate paperwork before mailing your contribution to us:

A letter acknowledging your donation will be provided for tax purposes.

If you would like to receive more information about giving in any capacity, please contact Michael Samuels at (718) 342-2928.