I expect to pass
through life but once.  
If therefore, there be
any kindness I can
show, or any good
thing I can do to any
fellow being, let me do
it now, and not defer or
neglect it, as I shall not
pass this way again

~William Penn
Khalid Lucian

On our September 2005 mission to Dominica, our medical volunteers, including Dr. Steve
Caddle, met 21-year old Khalid Lucian. For three (3) years Khalid was deformed by an
orofacial tumor and had been unable to obtain the required surgery to remove it, due in  part
to his inability to afford the cost associated with the surgery. [
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Latifa Yussef

Latifa Yussef was brought to Dorcas Medical’s clinic on its mission to Tamale, Ghana in
April 2011.  She was a 4 year old from the village of Jelo who was inflicted with a congenital
condition known as Cystic Hygroma affecting the lymphatics of the axilla (underarm) and the
left upper back.
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