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one person at a
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Mother Teresa
Our missions have been conducted in 10 countries. These missions are planned in conjunction with local churches,
community organizations, local businesses and government officials of the visited country.  In some countries we also
provide food and clothing. In our travels we have been to Jamaica 3 times serving over 19,000 persons;  Guyana on 4
missions serving  over 15,000 persons;  South Africa, for 2 missions serving over 17,000 persons;   St Vincent we visited
once serving over 6,000 persons;  In Dominica we served over 7,000 persons on our single visit;  Dominican Republic, we
visited twice  serving over 11,000 persons , and serving over 3,000 in the Bateyes [a community of Haitian migrants and
sugar cane workers living in sub-standard conditions];  On our single visit to Saint  Lucia we saw over 7,000 persons;
Grenada  1 mission serving over 5,000 persons; Ghana on 4 missions serving over 43,000 persons and  New Orleans,
Louisiana, USA , 2 missions  providing  Medical and Dental services  to residents of the Lower 9th Ward, an  area hardest
hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Other notable services provided through Dorcas medical mission in Ghana include, establishing a partnership with local
medical and nursing students;  a well providing running water in Ga-Odumase; improved several church building and
facilities and running water to a local community in Chorkor.  In Ghana and South Africa, Dorcas Medical Mission has
established relationship with many Church Ministers and has conducted many Leadership Seminars and Training

These missions have seen the delivery of over $12M in actual expenditure on goods and services. In terms of reasonable
cost of professional services and market value for medication and supplies as well as food and clothing, the economic
benefit to the needy is well in excess of $30M.

Dorcas plans to set up 3 permanent missions in the near future.

•    Ghana – A clinic with a permanent staff of 2 doctors and 2 nurses is to be established in Chorkor. This will run all year
with additional staffing provided on a rotating basis from volunteers who wish to give their vacation time to this effort. The
volunteer pool will include Dorcas and other volunteers and housing will be provided at the complex. The complex will also
house volunteers on Dorcas revolving missions and will be made available to other volunteer organizations working in the
area from time to time.

•    Guyana – A clinic similar to the one in Ghana is planned for Guyana at a site to be chosen. Administration and staffing
will be along the same lines as the Chorkhor clinic.

•     South Africa – Dorcas is proposing to establish an orphanage Dorcas Sunshine Home for children orphaned by
HIV/AIDS in Alexandra, Johannesburg. This will house 20 children and will be sited on a property already acquired. The
property will require some modifications and the project will require a staff of at least 10. Another 3-acre plot of land has
been purchased to erect a multi-purpose facility.
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