On our September 2005 mission to Dominica, our medical volunteers, including Dr. Steve Caddle, met 21-year old Khalid
Lucian. For three (3) years Khalid was deformed by an orofacial tumor and had been unable to obtain the required surgery
to remove it, due in  part to his inability to afford the cost associated with the surgery. Since our surgical team was not
equipped to perform surgeries of that magnitude on the mission field, Dr. Caddle contemplated an operation in the United
States. Delayed by several bureaucratic obstacles, it was not until September 2006, when Dr. Caddle and our  volunteers
were able to convince Montefiore Medical Center to cover most of the cost        associated with the surgical removal of
Khalid's  tumor (thanks in part to the surgical  staff who donated their time).

In New York, Khalid stayed at the home of Dorcas Medical volunteer and Dominica native,  Arlette Paul, who took Khalid
to his appointments and stayed with him throughout the process to alleviate his distress. In her words, Khalid had no
family member here, so we became his family, his friends and his support. In November, 2006, Khalid underwent an 8
hour surgery at Montefiore and was amazed at the result,  "I was stunned, I was speechless. I couldn't stop looking in the

Reconstructive surgery began in April, 2007, and Khalid is well on his way to better days and to eventually realizing his
dream of attaining an MBA degree. Remembering the fact that as the cancer progressed, he had gotten to a point where
swallowing food was nearly impossible, Dr. Caddle remarks, This is a testament to the work we do and it gives me joy  to
have worked with Dorcas Medical and to be able to help this person. Glory to God.
Khalid Lucian's Story
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