For some reason on this mission I felt as if I was in a daze.I was there but yet
could not believe that I was actually there. Seeing my African brothers and
sisters in all their glorious colours reflecting the beauty of the sunshine in their
richly coloured fabric. Observing the babies sleep peacefully their legs
straddling the backs of their mothers or sisters who were dancing to the sounds
of folk music with not a care in the world. Even at this point I still cannot believe
that I actually was physically there. It all seemed so surreal. What I did learn
however was  related to lack of knowledge of basic medical conditions. It will
take perhaps one or two generations for knowledge to replace these practices.
It is my hope that through the establishment of a health care facility that these
people will experience some change in health perception. It was wonderful too
that even though most of us did not witness directly, that the Lord was able to
use each of us in our respective roles to draw the people so that they could be
exposed to the good news of Jesus Christ.

May the Lord bless us richly and give us a double portion of protection for us
and our families, in Jesus name.

Dr. Bradley Edwards, Senior Medical Officer
                                              The May Pen Hospital