I always go on the missions with an open heart and willingness to serve with the mission's mission
statement in mind. He would give to the poor, lends to the lord, and the Lord will repay that loan
back to me. 3 yrs ago on a mission to Ghana, I left for Ghana the same day my husband was having
his last treatment for an illness we were fighting privately . With mixed feelings and emotions ,
thinking that I should be there with him as I have been the previous 5 wk's of daily treatment not
missing a day, I prayed about my decision to embark on this mission not knowing if I had made the
right decision or not. I left the morning and privately stuck a postcard under the pillow where my
husband laid his head, apologizing to my husband for leaving, and assuring him that even though I
will not be there with him physically , I would be there with him in the Spirit, Half way through the
flight to Ghana the Lord revealed to me that " this day He will magnify me in the sight of all people,
that they may know that as He was with the prophets , so He will be with me and my husband. I was
delivered and released to continue my journey. I must report to you that the good Lord of Israel, the
God of Jacob healed my husband totally, no signs of that illness. Thanks be to God. And yes a
million thanks to  Bishop Sidley and Lorna Mullings who has allowed me to be myself and to humbly
serve under their vision.

Pamela Gutzmore, RN